Expressive wines

from Quintado Roncão
in the Douro Valley

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Where it began

It all started in Quinta do Roncao, a small district in Cima Corga in the Douro Valley known as one of the best places for port wine in the world (about 10-15 minutes East of Pinhao).  A rare opportunity to purchase premier vineyards there brought together Elias Macovela and David Sylvester with a vision to make the best port and Douro wines anywhere. 

Together they’ve undertaken a journey to leverage the incredible quality of Cavea’s vineyards and to couple them with best-in-class facilities, winemaking processes, and viticulture techniques to make that happen. 

Incredible wines have been produced at Cavea’s vineyards and wineries for hundreds of years, and the best is still to come.

Our Process

Wine comes from grapes, and you can’t make great wine from merely good grapes.  As such, our wines begin with obsessive control of our vineyards and our farming practices. 

Our sites are notoriously difficult to farm but we think anyone trying our wines will understand why we do it. 

We try to create wines that truly express the unique character of our vineyard blocks and don’t attempt to shoehorn our grapes into a particular style to suit a critic or an expectation. 

Our most recent winemaking facility came online in 1961 but we plan to break ground on our newest, state-of-the-art, facility in early 2023.

Our Team

Where to find us

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